Richard Erdman

Richard Erdman, Sculptor

Art Direction, Design, Production, Documentary Movie

Richard Erdman creates abstract sculpture of both intimate and monumental scale in stone and bronze from his studios in Williston, VT and Carrara, Italy. His art is known for its vitality, energy, and seemingly light buoyant motion, as if defying the material from which it is formed. The power and life the artist bestows in his work, both daring and subtle, conveys passion and strength, deeply engaging the viewer. The artist’s extensive body of work can be found in distinguished public and private collections in over 40 countries worldwide.

Shout designed and produced this monograph, Richard Erdman, A Retrospective, a definitive book and documentary project spanning 30 years of the artist's work in both a 230-page Hardcover and a Limited Edition set.

The book includes a DVD with a documentary about the artist, produced by Shout and Emily Lau (History Channel, Discovery Network).

"Erdman creates sculptures designed to make a visceral and somatic connection with us. They stop us in our tracks not simply to admire or stroke them, but to sense them and experience their movement as much as their presence. He speaks constantly of the viscerality he seeks, a viscerality inherent to the very purpose of sculpture." — Peter Frank, Art Critic

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