Paul Soady: One Man, Many Typefaces

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It has always been part of Paul Soady’s philosophy that in any craft or art, the students should have a mentor or hero either in the flesh or in spirit. Eric Gill has from time to time played this role for Paul, and the propagation of the art of the master is surely the pleasure of the disciple.

Eric Gill Rubbing

This book is about a drawing that was discovered in a little shop in Covent Garden as a byproduct of his pilgrimage to London in 1972 in search of a set of Fleurons. It turned out to be a real find. A rubbing of the inscription is in the Monotype collection. In the 1964 Inventory by Evan R. Gill, he describes the tombstone as “distinguished and simple.” It is number 600 of 808 items.

As a spirit of the heart, Paul thought it a useful and pleasing exercise to tell the story of the drawing and the typeface through an art book. Two Men, One Typeface is intended to throw light on the subject of the drawing, and on Gill’s life and work. It is shared through a limited edition letterpress run as a tribute to Gill, and a service to those who appreciate his genius.

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